Crown Verity Custom Modular Outdoor Kitchen

Crown Verity Infinite Series Modular (Customizable) Outdoor Grill Centre

Item # Crown Verity Infinite Modular

Create your Crown Verity Infinite Series Outdoor Kitchen today! Crafted with precision from only the highest quality materials, these Crown Verity Infinite Grills are completely customizable, allowing you to truly make them yours. Start by choosing from modular or built-in.

Powerfully Sophisticated: From unique customizations to heat-indicating knobs to individual burner control and our signature, easy-drain water tray, Infinite grills have Crown Verity-professional features, making them anything but ordinary.

Never Run Out of Space: Infinite grills come with ample opportunities for extra space, whether it’s customizable cabinetry, drawer options, adjustable cooking racks, or endless add-ons. Built to Last: Constructed from 304 stainless steel, from the body to the grates, your Infinite grill will stand the test of time.

Available in:

  • Stainless Steel